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Introduction to Rug Tufting

Introduction to Rug Tufting

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Learn How to Rug Tuft with Karen from K2L Customs!
  • Monday, September 2
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM
I am a fiber artist and owner of K2L Customs in Gainesville, FL. I enjoy creating colorful and fun rug designs and I am excited to share what I have learned with you! 

During this rug tufting skill share session, you will learn the basics on how to create your own custom rugs. Rug tufting consists of punching yarn fibers into a cloth using a hand-held rug tufting gun, creating a cut pile rug.

I will walk you through how to maneuver and thread the rug tufting gun with yarn, how to build and prep your frame, how to add your design onto the cloth, how to properly tuft your stitches and how to properly finish a rug. Along the way, you will also learn common mistakes for beginners and tips and tricks that will help your first tufting experience go smoothly. Towards the end of the session, everyone will have a few minutes to tuft a portion of a rug! 

What to bring: Please bring a mask (if you plan on tufting - as it will create airborne yarn fibers). IMPORTANT: Please wear your hair in a ponytail, if you plan on tufting, to prevent your hair from getting caught in the tufting gun...yes, it happened to me HAHA 😊
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