How Bazar is an artist/worker owned brand based in Gainesville, Florida. The brand is all about uplifting and providing value to our community through the creation of garments, events, art installations, and more. We provide a safe space for minorities, LGBTQ+, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. to meet, work, and party. How Bazar is truly a community space.

  • Radically Ethical

    We remodel and redesign used apparel to create one of a kind pieces. Our organization contracts local tailors and artists to execute our designs. Each piece is created from quality materials typically sourced from clothing made prior to 1990. We are proud to give these quality fabrics a second life and refuse to engage in modern day exploitation of workers and our environment.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    This brand is minority, woman, and LGBTQ+ owned. Within our spaces we promote positivity, inclusion, and safety.

  • Design Ethos

    We are pioneers of the Florida Digital Acid Aesthetic. This is an aesthetic developed by our in house designers that is meant to truly SEE Florida. The imagery we utilize is extracted from our environment — highlighting what is truly important to us, our community.