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Introduction to Hand Embroidery

Introduction to Hand Embroidery

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Learn Hand Embroidery with Fahndi

  • Monday, July 15
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM
In this workshop, we'll learn all the basics of embroidery from threading your needle, hooping your fabric, and a variety of useful stitches for embroidering any surface for decoration or simple mending. Attendees will be provided everything they need to get started, including two pieces of pre-printed fabric designs to embroider, needles, floss, scissors, embroidery hoop, and a zine reviewing what we learn in our workshop. 

Fahndi, also known as Alex, is a local queer maker who picked up embroidery during the pandemic. They love all fiber art, but especially the potential of embroidery where artists can create a wide variety of effects on any surface, from simple playful motifs to detailed fine line portraiture. Like all forms of making, she firmly values the community aspect of skill-sharing and breaking down the how and why for each skill we learn and the freedom to experiment with methods to find the best approach for you and your project.
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