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How Bazar

Dignity Sweater

Dignity Sweater

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We came up with the tagline “radically ethical” when we first began to conceptualize How Bazar. Our worker-owned organization is Palestinian-Black-Trans-Latinx-and-Women-Owned. The experiences each of us co-owners have encountered throughout life has radically shaped our ethos and we express that through every facet of How Bazar.

While helplessly watching the genocide in Palestine, Congo, Sudan and other oppressed areas around the world - we were drawn to the project of reworking a past design, our ‘Dignity’ line. In the face of the most horrific atrocities, we’ve seen human beings do one of the most powerful things: demand their RIGHT to dignity. These heroes inspired the design of our reimagined dignity sweater.

About the Dignity Design:

The front image features the iconic Bobby Hutton silhouette. Robert James Hutton, also known as “Lil Bobby”, was the treasurer and first recruit to join the Black Panther Party. Hutton was killed by the police under “disputed circumstances.”

The text on the front is “Karama (كرامة)” in Arabic, or “Dignity” in English.

The quote on the back is from prominent Palestinian author and politician Ghassan Kanafani, in Beirut 1970:
“to us, to liberate our country, to have DIGNITY, to have respect, to have our mere human right - is something as essential as life itself.”

‎بالنسبة لنا، تحرير بلدنا يعني إعادة صياغة الكرامة والاحترام والاحتياجات الإنسانية الأساسية، وهو أمر ضروري تمامًا مثل هذه الحياة.

Dignity Sweaters are not available in store and on our website. Free our people.

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