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Building Resilience with Herbal Medicine

Building Resilience with Herbal Medicine

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Learn How to Build Resilience through Herbal Medicine with LeAnn Averell of A Thousand Leaves Herb Shop!

  • Monday, July 29
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM 
When we are engaged in activism or simply living under capitalism, we are usually in a fight or flight state, leading to burn out out quickly, and long lasting chronic issues such as adrenal exhaustion, malnourishment issues, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma.

This is a workshop covering ways we can support ourselves with herbal medicine to build more resilience to stress, and in times of fatigue and burnout. 

LeAnn Averell has been an herbalist in practice for over 17 years in Gainesville. She owns A Thousand Leaves herb shop, is a medicine maker and educator, and is one of the original founders of Gainesville Herbal Aid.
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