We started hosting our markets in 2020 as a way to cultivate culture, connection, and commerce during the midst of a pandemic that tested the integrity of humanity. They took place in the parking lot adjacent to our first storefront. Inspiring the name: Bazar À La Carte or (Market on the Side).


Bazar À La Carte is specifically curated to give a variety of creatives an opportunity to share and sell their valuable work in a nurturing, low-risk/high-reward environment. We do NOT require any vendor fees. Our vendors will always set up for free and keep all of their earnings. Our larger goal is to foster a supportive ecosystem of creators and buyers who both value mindful consumption, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Our First Home

The Seagle Building was a blank slate that offered everything our creative team could ask for: Charm, quirkiness, accesibility, versitle space, and rent cheap enough for us to survive. We combined our years of experiences, traumas, and observations as locals born and raised in the area to create a concept that would breathe life into our desolate downtown building.

The Fruits of Our Labor

We started with just 12 vendors. Next there were 24. And then 36. After a year of curating monthly markets we had over 48 vendors and thousands of community members in attendance. Once the word got out, we quickly realized that we would need a lot more space to do our thing...

Today, our bi-monthly market features 112+ vendors, dj's and live performances, food trucks, circus performers, and constantly changing themes that make each event uniquely memorable for the thousands of attendees. We estimate that the event generates over $150k in positive economic value per year for the city. As of now this event is produced soley by our team with the help of our sponsor Cookies. We are thankful for the relationships we have built with our neighbors: Volta Coffee, Loosey's, DTC Liqour, Alpin, The Bull and many others in the downtown area that help to create an event that positively benefits the entire area.

thank you