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Monday, September 11

 With Misti White from  Go Primal Fitness


Misti is truly a movement guru.  Her journey began at a very young age when her home life was stressful and she found herself spending hours a week in her bedroom, with music up, moving around and finding joy through freestyle physical activities.  She would dance, stretch, do push ups, and even shadow box!  

By age 17 she found herself in the gym learning all about weight training and by 18 years old she was a NSCA certified personal trainer and began working with clients right away.  At 19 years old she found her love for hip hop culture and began bgirling (breakdancing.). She owns a gym called Go Primal Fitness here in Gainesville and now has over 400 members as well as a new online coaching program which she launched in October 2022.  

Her level of skill and enthusiasm for movement is guaranteed to inspire you. Be prepared for this session with an open mind and willing body.  You will leave with more knowledge about how to stay disciplined and efficient with your training while raising your vibrations with at home workouts!

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