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Monday, June 19

With Dale of 444 IDK


My name is Dale. I am part of a collective of creatives known as “444” and I also run a brand called “IDK.”All IDK merch with my own two hands so I like to believe I’ve gotten kind of good at it. I completed my BFA in printmaking at UF in May 2023

I will explain how to create a screen for printing your own custom designs. I will come with the screen already made in consideration of time. I will also bring some T-shirts, paper, stickers, and other materials to print on; attendees are welcome to bring their own materials to print on (let’s get experimental).

After explaining how I made the screen I brought, we will decide on what colors to use on which materials and start printing. Anyone who shows up with their own materials will be able to bring their creations home as there will be a heat gun on sight to dry our prints.

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