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Monday, August 7

With Shane McNutt


Shane has been practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015 and is passionate about the practices of manual and movement therapies. He currently teaches at the Florida School of Massage, and has his own private practice incorporating massage, yoga, personal training and corrective exercise into his sessions. Although Shane takes his practice seriously, he teaches and shares his craft with a sense of fun and silliness, while incorporating his offerings in a functional way. He is passionate about anything that helps individuals to relax, become more aware, and feel safe and at home in their own bodies.

Are you curious about the art of massage therapy? Join us for an afternoon of "Massage for Every Body" to gain the skills and basic knowledge to offer therapeutic touch to family, friends, and loved ones. Come with a partner or on your own, and you will leave with the skills to provide massage to the upper back, forearms, hands, calves, and feet. Please bring at least two pillows, a flat sheet, a towel and washcloth, and wear comfortable clothing (preferably a tank top). If you have an unscented massage oil or butter you prefer, bring that as well, but some will be provided. No experience necessary!

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