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Monday, July 31

With Caroline Huguenin


Caroline Huguenin, a PhD student at the University of Florida, is an experienced public speaker and passionate about the power of oral communication. Currently teaching "Introduction to Public Speaking" at the DIAL center for oral and written communication, Caroline understands the challenges individuals face when it comes to public speaking. Her goal is to guide students through overcoming stage fright, refining speech structure, and delivering impactful presentations.

In her two-hour Public Speaking session, Caroline focuses on three crucial aspects. Firstly, she helps students conquer stage fright by teaching practical techniques and providing strategies to manage anxiety effectively. Secondly, she emphasizes the art of structuring a speech coherently and persuasively, teaching students how to organize ideas logically and incorporate supporting evidence to captivate their audience. Lastly, Caroline delves into the art of confident and polished delivery, covering aspects such as body language, vocal modulation, and effective use of visual aids.

By focusing on these key elements, Caroline equips students with the necessary skills to engage their audience, maintain attention, and deliver presentations that resonate. To ensure practical application of the learned concepts, the course concludes with an engaging activity. This hands-on experience allows students to put their newly acquired skills into practice, receiving valuable feedback and guidance from Caroline to refine their abilities further.

Caroline's passion lies in fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment, empowering her students to develop confidence and excel in their public speaking endeavors. With her expertise and dedication, she helps individuals enhance their oral communication skills and become effective communicators in today's world.

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