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How Bazar

Coffee Tasting

Coffee Tasting

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Learn How to Develop Your Palate for Coffee with Dylan Power of Resident Coffee Roasters!

  • Monday, August 5
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Dylan Power is the Wholesale Partner Manager and Educator for Resident Coffee Roasters. In his role, he gets to connect and work with a variety of businesses that serve and sell Resident's coffee locally and internationally. Part of his job includes tasting different coffees from all over the world to assess flavor profiles as well as quality control. Like wine tasting, developing a palate for coffee takes time and training to understand nuances in what makes different coffees so special. By tasting a variety of coffees side by side through a widespread industry method called cupping, we can differentiate them by smell, tasting notes, sweetness, acidity, and mouthfeel.

In this session, Dylan will teach the skill of coffee tasting through a cupping at How Bazar. This session will give you an overview of coffee knowledge with the hope of building confidence in tasting coffee. His goal for this time is to create an accessible space for those who desire to dive deeper into specialty coffee and further develop their palate. Please join Dylan and let's taste good coffee together!

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