Bazar Block Party

For the culture


We hosted our first Block Party in July of 2022. It was inspired by the vibrant experience that we had at our Grand Opening earlier that January. It takes place on the street in front of our storefront and activates the entire block.

It is truly a Block Party in every sense.


To highlight the natural synergy and connection between fashion, skate, automotive, dance, and music culture through a freeform amalgamation; creating a real street culture experience.

Music is the Heart

The party features multiple stages that each provide a unique vibe. Lose yourself to electronic music in the tunnel, get ratchet on the mainstage to hood classics, or get funky inside the shop to your mama's favorite disco tracks.

The energy is electric

As it gets later in the night, people begin to let loose. The joy of community and connection fills their hearts and the best parts of humanity break loose; smiling, laughing, dancing, twerking, and singing the night away.

Realness is on display

The curators of this event have deep roots in each culture represented; Subsequently the vibes feel uniquely raw, real, and underground. As it grows, we will continue to chase the pure essence of culture that can only come from the heart.

thank you