• Fashion Hub

    How Bazar is a hub for fashion,art, and creativity. We are crafting our own clothing brand with the help of local artisans and tailors. We also stock an eclectic collection of Vintage garments and accessories.

  • Bar

    How [BAR}zar :)

    We believe that visiting a bar should be an opportunity to branch out and expand your taste! At How Bazar, we stock a unique collection of beer and wine sourced from all over the world.

  • Nightlife Venue

    How Bazar frequently hosts nightlife events that bring a spark of joy to our community. You can find people from all walks of life at these events. The atmosphere is that of diversity, inclusion, and just plain fun!

Bazar À La Carte

Bazar À La Carte is our bi-monthly outdoor night market. The market takes place at Pleasant Union in the heart of Downtown Gainesville, Florida. Our markets are specifically curated to give a variety of creatives an opportunity to share and sell their valuable work in a nurturing, low-risk/high-reward environment. We welcome artists and businesses within all stages of experience to join us, as we know many people in our community are experimenting with creating and selling.